Honey Claws:: Healer EP

Genre defying multi-instrumentalists Honey Claws released a self-titled album last year that had its moments; though, it was a little hard for me to get my head around. The group now have a new release, Healer, a more conceptionally sound four-song work that I’ve found far more to my liking. “Lightning Kill Eye” begins the procession with uplifting dancebeats, pulsating synths, and accompanying melody leading a glitzy dance-off. “Pemporer” comes off like a bastard cousin from Peter Gabriel’s III (Melt), and that’s no bad thing. “Beat of the Wet Eve,” is a march with island vibe and phrasing, which sets up the slower grooved hip/hopped out “Orange Kitty Stamp,” injected with beats and buzzes. Good times.



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