Trentalange:: Awakening, Level One

One can’t help but get the feeling that something is itching at Barbara Trentalange on her new album, Awakening, Level One. Here are eleven tracks saturated with a transmigratory nocturnal atmosphere, fulfilled by moog, theramin,wurlitzer, flute, tibetan singing bowls, yoga students, and most of the normal elements as well. Standouts include, “Fever,” which opens the record with a mysterious ranchland guitar underlying the vocals, and “Ultimate Machine,” a more mechanized work with harboring dance beats. Awakening, Level One is a somewhat dark and contemplative record that may gain ground with your sensibilites with each successive listen. Trentalange composed, performed and recorded the songs on Awakening, Level One. She has also played with with Crooked Fingers, Calexico, Micah P. Hinson, Head Like A Kite, Sushirobo and Mark Pickerel (formerly of Screaming Trees.) After fronting the band Spyglass for five years, Trentalange released her first solo project on Coco Tauro Records in 2006 called, Photo Album of Complex Relationships.


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