Enter The Vaselines by The Vaselines

The Vaselines will release Enter The Vaselines on May 5th, via Sub Pop. This release is essentially a deluxe-edition reissue of the 1992 Sub Pop release The Way of The Vaselines with a new title, new cover art, and new material (the entirety of the 17-song second CD/third LP has been added). Originally mastered from a cassette tape, The Way of The Vaselines compiled the band’s two EPs (Son of a Gun and Dying for It) and their sole LP release (Dum-Dum). Enter The Vaselines is the definitive triple LP/double CD Vaselines collection. It includes new mixes and re-mastered versions of everything by The Vaselines, plus never-before-heard demos, and live recordings from 1986 in Bristol and 1988 in London.

1.Son of a Gun
2.Rory Rides Me Raw
3.You Think You’re a Man
4.Dying for It
5.Molly’s Lips
6.Teenage Superstars
7.Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
8.Sex Sux (Amen)
12.No Hope
13.Oliver Twisted
14.The Day I Was a Horse
15.Dum Dum
18.Dying for It (The Blues)
19.Let’s Get Ugly
20.Son of A Gun (demo)
21.Rosary Job (demo)
22.Red Poppy (demo)
23.Son of A Gun (live in Bristol)
24.Rosary Job (live in Bristol)
25.Red Poppy (live in Bristol)
26.Rory Rides Me Raw (live in Bristol)
27.You Think You’re a Man (live in Bristol)
28.Dying for It (live in London)
29.Monsterpussy (live in London)
30.Let’s Get Ugly (live in London)
31.Molly’s Lips (live in London)
32.The Day I Was a Horse (live in London)
33.The Day I Was A Horse (Again) (live in London)
34.Sex Sux (Amen) (live in London)
35.I Didn’t Know I Loved You (‘Til I Saw You Rock ‘n’ Roll) (live in London)
36.Teenage Superstars (live in London)

Dying For It

You Think You’re A Man



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