Kinetic Stereokids:: Kid Moves

Flint, Michigan’s Kinetic Stereokids released their sophomore album, Kid Moves, last month. Kid Moves is a mercurial entanglement moving between more straight forward songs in to narcotic slipstreams laden with beats, whizzes, and other aural fixtures. Throughout these twelve “folktronic” tracks, one is likely to find traces of hip/hop, loser-era Beck, kosmische indulgence, transient jams, and other things found under the sun. Kid Moves is as vibrant as it is diverse, whether that be the submerged atmosphere of “Planes With Teeth,” with its trailing freakout; the overall inertia and thrust of the melody on “Assisted Living,” or the heavy beats, spacey pulses, and rockness of favorite “Blunder,” which feels like Kinetic Stereokids are channeling a bit of Jeff Buckley for a frame or two. Kid Moves is worthy of your time, well thought-out, and most importantly containing a vibrant insistence to listen.

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