The Dandy Warhols:: Earth To The Remix V2

In honor of the second annual Record Store Day, on April 18th, the Dandy Warhols are releasing a limited 4-song remix EP, Earth To The Remix EP, Volume Two. Last summer, to coincide with the release of their fifth full-length, the self-released …Earth To The Dandy Warhols…, the band remixed four of the album’s tracks themselves and gave them out for free through independent retail outlets. A digital version of Earth To The Remix EP, Volume Two will be available on Tuesday, April 21.

Earth To The Remix EP, Volume Two:
1. And Then I Remixed Of Yes (A Peter Holmström / Jeremy Sherrer Remix)
2. When The Talk Radio Breaks (A Courtney Taylor-Taylor / Jake Portrait Remix)
3. Love Song (A Fathead / Jeremy Sherrer Remix, feat. Big Pauper & Sara Melson)
4. Now You Love My Remix (A Zia McCabe / Jeremy Sherrer Remix)

Talk Radio

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