Nathan Willett and Ben Gibbard run for Water Wells

Nathan Willett from Cold War Kids and Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie are running to raise money for the non-profit organization Water Wells for Africa during the month of April while their bands are on tour together in North America. The number of miles Nathan and Ben run is being recorded in real time at so fans can follow along as they rack up the miles. There is a suggested donation of $1 for every mile that the guys run.

Water Wells For Africa is a grassroots non-profit that was founded and run by Nathan Willett’s family twelve years ago. Through donations, WWFA has put in over 100 water wells in drought regions in Malawi, Southern Africa. Each well costs approximately $6,000 dollars to survey and install. WWFA water wells service and provide fresh drinking water to 150,000-200,000 Malawians per day, who would otherwise have no access to clean water. WWFA works with PlayPumps International for drilling and installing water systems. The UN has named 2005-2015 the “Decade of Water.” In an effort to join this fight against thirst, WWFA is working toward the goal of installing 1,000 new wells in hopes to bring clean water to 2 million Malawians.

For the two touring musicians, running to raise money for a good cause is a great way to give back while doing something that they enjoy. Here is what Nathan and Ben had to say:

Nathan: “I have spent too many mornings jogging alone, returning sweaty while the others still sleep, stashing my tennies to keep my secret safe from the monolith that has forbade music and exercise to walk coolly arm in arm. Now I have a partner in Ben and a mission in WWFA. Join us! ”

Ben: “While I’m glad Nathan and I will hopefully raise a good amount of money for a wonderful cause, what I’m really excited about FINALLY having a running partner on tour.”

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