Alligators:: Piggy & Cups

Washington State’s Alligators are a five-piece who all come from Kitsap County and “the other side of Puget Sound.” On their recently released eleven track outing, Piggy & Cups, these mostly professionally trained musicians show their stuff through catchy songs that incorporate diverse and often unexpected movement. This work crosses the warm infection of Nada Surf’s melodies with Radiohead like exploration, topped with harmonies informed by a bit of sun. Favorites on the album include “The Conquerors,” evoking thoughts of once upon a time Dandy Warhols; and album flagship, “Way I,” which shows off the best of Alligators with smooth and sassy vocal lines, some disco guitar twirls, inspired trajectory, and the most hard to put down refrain on the album. Having said that, Piggy & Cups is Alligator’s own creation, sailing smoothly to the end with some fine nuggets to pick up on the way. Piggy & Cups was recorded at Jason McGerr’s (Death Cab For Cutie) Two Sticks Audio in Seattle and in the Alligators’ own home. See footage below of the band recording the single “Where Does It Hide?”

Where Does It Hide?

Where Does It Hide?

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