Kikumoto Allstars to unveil House Music

Melbourne, Australia’s Kikumoto Allstars (aka DJ/Producer Cam Farrar) is back with his long awaited debut album, House Music. The thirteen tracks reference the classic Chicago Acid House sound of legends including Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, DJ Pierre, Lil Louis and Adonis. Cam Farrar was first drawn to electronic music when he saw Devo on Australian television in the early 1980’s. Kikumoto Allstars music is produced with all analogue synthesizers and drum machines including the Roland range of TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, SH-101; and Juno range of Jx-8p and the TB-303, which started the acid house revolution. Kikumoto Allstars will release House Music on May 25th.

1. Everybody
2. I’ll Make You Jack
3. Can’t Stop The House
4. Bending Time
5. DCO
6. Last Train To Chi-Town
7. Sagittarius
8. Warehouse Days
9. Just A Feelin’
10. Jack The House
11. Shed
House Music (Radio Edit)13. Walk The Talk

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