Yonlu:: A Society in Which No Tear is Shed is Inconceivably Mediocre

A Society in Which No Tear is Shed is Inconceivably Mediocre, by Yonlu, traverses boundaries with both color, affection and melody, by way of static, bossa nova, and other aural pastings. Created by a disturbed and overly aware talented young man, A Society In Which…, is all the more alive and tantalizing considering its depressing circumstances.

16 year-old Vinicius Gageiro Marques lived in the Southwestern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. He spoke French (he lived with his family in Paris from 3 until 7 years old), and wrote and spoke English without ever taking classes (he learned by watching TV). He began reading Kafka at 12, and at 13 dedicated himself to recording daily life using a photo camera. On the afternoon of July 26th of 2006, 36 days before turning 17, Vinicius locked himself inside the bathroom of his apartment, and took his own life via carbon monoxide intoxication. An avid Internet user with the screen-name Yoñlu, Vinicius stayed on-line until the very last moments, and members of the suicide forum he frequented accompanied his every last step. Before locking himself in the bathroom, Vinicius wrote a letter freeing his family members from any guilt, explaining that his suicide could not have been stopped or imagined. Even though he didn’t suggest they listen to the music he composed, he left them a CD with some of his songs.

I Know What It’s LikeThe Boy and The Tiger


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