Jenny Owen Youngs:: Transmitter Failure

Jenny Owen Youngs has returned with a fresh bouquet of songs on new album, Transmitter Failure. The acoustic guitar prevalence of her prior work has been traded in for more colorful and expansive orchestration a’la electric guitars, glockenspiel, and other adornments. Having said all that, the spring loaded box of “If I Didn’t Know,” crosses up hazy keys with drones and acoustic flickers to create a spinning sensation, with the implication of some much needed flight. Otherwise, the strain and unwinding of “No More Words,” with its droney sectional, result in unexpected movement and Transmitter Failure’s headiest episode. “Dissolve” holds the album’s best refrain, teasing it a few times, before the soaring final release. Not bad work from the woman you may know from her song “Fuck Was I,” featured on the TV show “Weeds.”

Led To The Sea

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