Spain Colored Orange:: Sneaky Like A Villain

Houston, Texas group Spain Colored Orange have a new album, Sneaky Like A Villain. The album has been compared to the advanced pop mindset of the incredible ELO, and the psychedelic view of the Elephant 6 collective, though this feels much more like a real band when compared to the latter. Otherwise, Sneaky Like A Villain is no one themed pony, opening with a carnivalesque vignette, before spiraling into a travelling procession of implied visuals. “Who Am I?” comes in as a grand illumination of immediacy bringing to mind symphonic Bacharach on ignition, before slipping off to bouncy pop bliss, only to make another decadent return. “Music Box” creeps in with dub underlinings and subsequent horns leaving the scent of mysterious exotica to be seen again. The album is best observed in its entirety, so I leave you with the song “Who Am I?”

Who Am I?

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