Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard:: ‘Em Are I; Jeffrey Lewis TV

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard released new album, ‘Em Are I, last month on Rough Trade. Sure to please, titillate, and maybe set you free for a little while, ‘Em Are I even features an unmistakable guitar cameo from J. Mascis on the track “Good Old Pig, Gone To Avalon.”

To Be Objectified

The Jeffrey Lewis TV Show:
Episode 1 (Jeffrey Lewis and Laura Marling)

Episode 2 (Jeffrey Lewis and Herman Dune)

Episode 3 (Jeffrey Lewis and Noah & the Whale)

Episode 4: (Johnny Flynn, Jeffrey Lewis and Geoff Travis)

Episode 5: (w/ Johnny Flynn and David from the Wave Pictures (performing “Roll Bus Roll”)

Episode 6: (Jeffrey Lewis with Emmy the Great)

‘Em Are I from Amazon

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