Ides of Space dig up Sleeping Fractures

Ides Of Space was an Australian quintet who toured the U.S., on their debut release with The Gloria Record and Her Space Holiday. Their lost sophomore LP has been released posthumously by Better Looking Records. Ides of Space’s album Sleeping Fractures, was a follow up to 2001’s There Are No New Clouds, and until now only released in Japan. “Sleeping Fractures” digital version contains 3 bonus tracks: two 7″ only tracks plus one 11 minute late nighter.

“Past Midnight” (Sleeping Fractures)“I Promise Not To Notice If You Promise To Pretend” (There Are No New Clouds)

Three original members of Ides Of Space are now playing in Line Drawings. Their debut EP is out now, with a full lenghth in the works. Watch their video below for the song “Atmosphere flies.”

Line Drawings: Atmosphere flies

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