Richard Hawley annouces Truelove’s Gutter

Richard Hawley’s sixth studio album, Truelove’s Gutter, is set to be released on Mute on September 22nd. Recorded in Hawley’s hometown of Sheffield at Yellow Arch studios, Truelove’s Gutter features eight new compositions. Arrangements on Truelove’s Gutter occasionally feature some rare instrumentation, such as the megabass waterphone and crystal baschet. “I use a load of odd sounds on this album that are not heard on many other records,” says Richard. “The sounds in my head on a lot of the tracks – I didn’t even know what they were called!” “I wanted it to be a listening experience from start to finish, where you couldn’t just pause it and go off and watch Coronation Street or whatever,” explains Hawley. “Sonically, it flows. It’s not jumping all over the place. It just has a mood that goes through the whole thing.”

Track Listing:
1. As The Dawn Breaks
2. Open Up The Door
3. Ashes on The Fire
4. Remorse Code
5. Don’t Get Hung Up in your Soul
6. Soldier On
7. For Your Lover, Give Some Time
8. Don’t You Cry

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