The Pastels and Japan’s Tenniscoats form Two Sunsets

Domino and Geographic have announced the Pastels and Tenniscoats collaboration, Two Sunsets, out September 2nd. The album will be preceded by a single for “Vivid Youth” with the b-sides “About You” (from the extremely overlooked JAMC album Darklands) and “About You (Instrumental).”

The Pastels are from Glasgow and Tenniscoats from Tokyo. They have different sounds but something in common too. This collaboration which eventually became the Two Sunsets album arose from a suggestion by Tenniscoats that some studio time be booked while they were in Glasgow, just to see what happens, and maybe to try to find out what it is that they have in common. The first recording was promising and slightly rushed, but suggested enough to carry on. Tenniscoats had often been playing shows in Scotland, over a two or three year period at various recording sessions, it suddenly seemed like they’d accumulated about an album of songs which originated from members of both groups, Saya and Ueno from Tenniscoats, and Stephen and Katrina from The Pastels, with Gerard Love always there too, and often Tom Crossley, Alison Mitchell, and sometimes Norman Blake and Bill Wells.

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