Greg Koons and the Misbegotten on Welcome to the Nowhere Motel

Greg Koons and the Misbegotten released new album, Welcome to the Nowhere Motel, on June 30th. Recorded in Los Angeles at Fireproof Studios, the record features Koons’ songs about the trials of life and the open road.

LA Looks Prettier on TV

Welcome to the Nowhere Motel

July 4th – The Donut Whole – Wichita, Kansas
July 6th – PS Collective – Omaha, Nebraska
July 8th – KDHX Live Radio Interview – St. Louis, Missouri
July 8th – Way Out Club – St. Louis, Missouri
July 9th – Californos – Kansas City, Missouri
July 10th – Cafe Semolino – Hays, Kansas
July 11th – Gypsy Coffee – Tulsa, Oklahoma
July 12th – Hole in the Wall – Austin, Texas
July 13th – Headhunter’s Club – Austin, Texas
July 14th – Gig on the Strip – San Antonio, Texas
July 14th – Austin Soup Kitchen – Austin, Texas
July 15th – Gatsby’s – San Antonio, Texas
July 16th – Neutral Ground – New Orleans, Louisiana
July 18th – Cherry Street Artisan – Columbia, Missouri
July 21st – Gluek’s – Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 22nd – 26th – Motongator Joe’s Country Music Festival – Wallace, Michigan
July 28th – Nestor Tavern – Fargo, North Dakota
July 29th – The Frequency – Madison, Wisconsin
July 30th – Eclipse Records – St. Paul, Minnesota
July 31st – Red Rooster Coffee House – Aberdeen, North Dakota
August 2nd – Red Line Tap – Chicago, Illinois
August 3rd – The Factory – Rochester, Michigan
August 5th – Terminal Bar – Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 7th – 9th – Grand Marias Music Festival – Grand Marias, Michigan
August 15th – Manhattan Pizza and Pub – Burlington, Vermont
August 18th – Mickey’s Bar and Grill – Lowell, Massachusettes
August 22nd – The Milk Boy – Ardmore, Pennsylvania
August 28th – Open Eye Cafe – Carrboro, North Carolina
August 29th – Sentient Bean – Savannah, Georgia
September 4th – 6th – Texas Music Festival – Meridian, Texas
September 8th – Golden Light Cantina – Amarillo, Texas
September 10th – Bohemeo’s – Houston, Texas
December 19th – Mocha Maya’s – Shelburne Falls, Massachusettes

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