The Rentals:: Chapter Two of It’s Time To Come Home

Rentals_Photo (1)The Rentals have unleashed the second chapter of It’s Time To Come Home. The 4-song EP is available to stream on the band’s website, as well as to purchase digitally. Produced by The Rentals and Dave Trumfio, It’s Time To Come Home, features Jamie Blake, Lauren Chipman, Dan Joeright and Rentals founder and front man Matt Sharp. “Songs About Time” is a collaboration between the band, filmmakers, producers and designers to capture and reflect the band’s artistic journey of making a record about time during a single calendar year.

Chapter One, Story Of A Thousand Seasons Past, was made available in April and featured a guest appearance by Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago on the song, “Song Of Remembering”. Chapter Three is due to arrive in October. Fans of the band are able to pre-order a tangible and personal summary of the yearlong journey through a Limited Deluxe Edition box set, complete with 4 vinyl set and bonus tracks, CD, DVD, 2 backstage passes and a coffee table photo art book. Each copy is individually numbered and signed by the band and includes the undeveloped, individual roll of 35mm film and access to a private online photo gallery for the 365 purchasers and the band to post and share their “mystery roll” images. The project is a collaboration between the band and creative partners A+R and FujiFilm. The set will ship no later than December 31 2009 and is available only through the band’s website and A+R at .

It’s Time To Come Home track listing:
1. It’s Time To Come Home
2. No Desire #2
3. Girls Of The Metro
4. Late Night Confessions

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