Continuing the story of John Phillips lost “space musical” produced by Andy Warhol

UntitledVarese Sarabande will be releasing the 4th installment in the “Papa John Presents” series: Andy Warhol Presents Man On The Moon: The John Phillips Space Musical. These are John’s songs for the musical performed by him on vocals and acoustic guitar plus regular cast recordings, songs appearing on Genevieve Waite’s solo album and performance recordings made by Andy Warhol on cassette.

Here’s some excerpts from the liner notes:
For several months, the Italianate mansion at 414 St. Pierre Road in Bel Air that John and Genevieve were renting became a hive of Space-related activity. Among their collaborators was British costumier Marsia Trinder, who had designed clothes for Elvis Presley and Raquel Welch. “It was a very creative period for about two or three months,” says Trinder, who moved into another wing of the mansion with her then boyfriend to work on costumes for the production. “John was the key person organizing it all and coming up with ideas. But everybody was feeding into it. John felt that with all the secrets in the world, there wouldn’t be wars if people didn’t have secrets. And then they kind of figured out the plot.”

The role of the astronaut was originally written for Elvis, whom John and Genevieve had befriended in 1971, while living in Palm Springs shortly after the birth of their son Tamerlane. “John was trying to sell him songs,” says Waite. “They would sit around and John would sing him different songs.” At one point, Ricky Nelson was also approached for the part.

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