Ear to the Ground:: Athens: LimeWire free sampler

cover500Athens, GA’s earns some more due as the LimeWire Store zeros in on Athen’s current group of independent artists in Ear to the Ground: Athens. Compiled by the staff of the music and arts weekly Flagpole, the free 16-track digital-only sampler available exclusively at LimeWire Store is a broad overview of locals who are keeping Athens’ rich musical history alive.

Modern Skirts “Soft Pedals”

Ear To The Ground

track listing:
Dead Confederate – “Start Me Laughing”
Of Montreal – “For Our Elegant Caste”
The Whigs – “Like A Vibration”
Twin Tigers – “Sexless Love”
Pegasuses-XL – “Marathon Mansion”
Casper & The Cookies – “Eulogy For Marcel Marsalis”
Lazer/Wülf – “Who Were The Mound Builders?”
The Corduroy Road – “Love Is A War”
Liz Durrett – “We Build Bridges”
A. Armada – “Fall-Triumph”
Venice Is Sinking – “Ryan’s Song”
The Incredible Sandwich – “Bluebird 1”
Modern Skirts – “Soft Pedals”
Madeline Adams – “White Flag”
Hope for Agoldensummer – “4th Night”
Spring Tigers – “Car Song


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