Howling Bells release Radio Wars in North America

hbAustralia’s Howling Bells have released their worthy sophomore album, Radio Wars, in North America. Vocalist Juanita Stein’s stalwart vocals narrate these ten tracks of thoughts, occurrences, and happenstance occurring under the darkened sky. Now, that I have finished that cumbersome sentence I think I will direct you to the video below.

The UK-based band–lead vocalist Juanita Stein, guitarist brother Joel Stein, bassist Brendan Picchio and drummer Glenn Moule–formed in Australia in 2004 and shortly after moved to London, where they recorded their 2006 self-titled debut album with producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay). For Radio Wars, the band partnered with Dan Grech-Marguerat, who has engineered records alongside producer Nigel Godrich, including Radiohead, Air and Paul McCartney.

Cities Burning Down

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