The Oscillation Live

7augustWEBArtists are from DC Recordings are playing shows all across Europe in the coming weeks. The Oscillation will be live tomorrow night in London.

The Oscillation Live:
7 Aug – Playground @ 93 Ft East, London.
11 Aug – Pantiero Festival, Cannes, France
14 Aug – Revolver, Oslo, Norway.
26 Aug – The Luminaire, London w/ Flowers Of Hell.
5 Sept – Corsica Studios, London w/ Panico, Kelpe, Quad Throw Salchow, Lung Rotter & Seven, Point B and more
15 Sept – White Heat @ Madame Jojos, Lonodn. w/ Pivot.
16 Sept – Mains d?Œuvres, Paris, France, w/ PNEU + XPO.
17 Sept – Pôle Etudiant, Université de Nantes, Nantes, France.
18 Sept – L?Escale, Saint-Cyr-Sur-Loire, Tours, France.
19 Sept – Festival Mon Inouïe Symphonie, Dunkerque, France
20 Sept – The Legion, London w/ Artery.

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