regina spektor:: far and laughing with

RSFarCoverAfter several runs with regina spektor’s far, the record has to go down as one of the year’s finest from beginning to end.  Of the album’s highpoints are “Laughing With,” getting me every time with its deeply piercing lines concering no one laughing at God in a hospital, in a war, and ultimately, any situation requiring greater than human intervention.  While I don’t know her true inspiration the song raises my own questions about the state of things and the fact that for thousands of years the spiritual element was such a prominent part of daily life and now it has all but been eradicated in the western world. Where do we fit in the grand tale of history?  And what exactly is morality as it is defined by those rich powerful men and their emotionally attractive plans to save the world?  As long as they aren’t conservatives we pseudo-intellectuals and artists have no reason to question their motives.  In our modern era of technological significance, one set of dogma has been replaced with another to allow for a new science of consensus, not absolutes. If nothing else we are audacious.  So how far have we come on the road to utopia?  With all our goodwill and innovation the 20th century went down as the most deadly on record.   Furthermore, it always rings peculiar the growing phenomenon of those so desperate to help the poor located thousands of miles away, though have trouble being civil to the people they see every day.  Is open minded the new close minded?  One day we’ll all be in that hospital, war, or whatever impossible situation, calling out for help from a God we’ve been ignoring for so long. Myself included. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the age of false compassion.

Laughing With

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