Interview with The Church

churchuntitled23promoWe caught up with STEVE KILBEY of THE CHURCH in Bondi, Australia (August 2009) for a QUICK Q&A SESSION about the band’s latest LP Untitled #23 and elsewhere. Also, check out their session on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic (June 11, 2009).

P&S: “Untitled #23” is the latest …how did you come to that title?
SK: No one could agree on a title, so untitled was suggested
I then suggested the #23 part because 23 is a very strange recurring number.

P&S: Do you think the solo projects that each band member has done past and present – may be a contributing factor to the evolution of the Church’s sound?
SK: Yes…the solo albums keeping adding new sounds to the church oeuvre

P&S: How can you explain the band’s longevity? Has the creative/songwriting process differ from the bands early years?
SK: There was never any point in breaking up…what would that achieve?
We still write songs in much the same way though…jamming!

P&S: Looking back if you had to pick one Church LP other than the latest, which would be your favorite?
SK: Priest = Aura

P&S: Was this a natural decision toward moving in a DIY/Indie process (as a lot of bands have chosen to do) – as opposed to working with Cooking Vinyl again or another label?
SK: Yes we constantly move closer to DIY

P&S: Myspace, facebook, twitter, etc – with these tools available, do you view them as passing trends or as vital tools that will continue to be necessary outlets to promote music?
SK: I think these things are here to stay, getting more elaborate all the time
they will continue to be important for rock music

P&S: Do you and the band embrace the state of the art method of recording or does the band go into the studio or perform live without the intention of an elaborate setup?
SK: We embrace technology but our recording process has remained much the same except now on computer instead of tape.

P&S: Do you prefer performing acoustic sets or live full setups?
SK: Full electric set up is best. Its what we really do and are best at.

P&S: When you are not performing or recording, what do you like to do? Any current favorite bands or artists?
SK: I paint and I write blogs; I like Sigur Ros and Greg Dulli

P&S: Whats in store for The Church in the near future? More touring? More recording?
SK: What can we do but tour and release more stuff…?

P&S: Steve, we appreciate your time – thanks!
SK: Thanks for the interview!

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