John Vanderslice:: Too Much Time 7″

7in Side LoadI like John Vanderslice. I like when he takes the show outside for encores. In the nineties certain segments of the indie set believed that encores were uncool because they were showy and over the top.  Musically speaking, the nineties were the decade of anti-decadence, and during this era befell the corporatization of alienation. Rockstars did drugs, but they were the kind of drugs that make a person want to be alone with themselves. Having wild mindless sex and other ecstatic meanderings (or even publicly fantasizing about) was scorned for a faux-integrity and overall anti-party attitude which seeped through the veins of one too many fools who a couple years later would end up screwed on heroin or crack. It was sad on so many levels, but I digress. So having said that I return to John Vanderslice, who has little to do with my tangent, though he does have a new 7″ out. Finally, I’m not telling anyone how to live your life. I’m just suggesting that you try not to be completely full of shit. Its hard. This world makes us all a bit hypocritical and contrived. As David Crosby once said – I’m nobody’s guru. I’m not smart enough.

Too Much Time (demo)

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