Volcano Choir:: Unmap

JAG156 (1)At first I think I just wanted to like this album because of my fondness for the Bon Iver record last year. At some point, perhaps after the many times I heard “Island, Is” jamming on Sirius XMU, my desires became real. Unmap is a collaboration between Collections of Colonies of Bees and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. The work is drenched in drones, harmonics, symphonic hums, and the resulting feeling that these guys weren’t drinking just diet cokes when they made this one.  Or, you might look at Unmap as a meditation and expansive prayer to otherworldly gods. Heady and sonically deconstructive at points, the niceness comes with how beautiful and freeing the album is elsewhere. And whatever freedom I’m babbling on about is only hinted at until album favorite “Still” comes along to consummate the affair, leaving us with finale – “Youlogy.”

Island, Is


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