Drive By Truckers:: the fine print

dbt-fine-printThe Fine Print is a collection of remains from sessions ranging from 2003 to 2009, with most of which coming from the early part of said period. What can I say about an album of scraps from the band of the decade for me; and one who got me to believe in live rock and roll again. Seriously, after marathon year after year of shows, most of which were “indie,” by the early part of this decade I had gotten so down on the nerds with guitar thing – many of whom couldn’t play, and more importantly – had no songs about women or real life, because they were afraid of women and life in general (not because they were above it all, as they feigned). While this decade showed a new group of likely lads who would learn to play their instruments and show some stage presence, it was DBT in the early years of the new millennium who made me want to go to the rock show again. And I did, putting many a mile on my vehicle while seeing them for forty or fifty nights, with a couple of New Year’s Eves in there as well. As for The Fine Print, this is a strong collection of songs which includes Tom Petty’s “Rebels,” in addition to covers of Warren Zevon and Dylan. Elsewhere there are a couple winners such as “TVA” and “When The Well Runs Dry” from former DBT guy Jason Isbell.  Also guaranteed not to disappoint are “Little Pony And The Great Big Horse,” and an alternate version of “Uncle Frank,”  both from America’s most overlooked songwriter – Mike Cooley. Oh yeah, the Patterson songs will also ring pleasingly to fans as The Fine Print includes “George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues,” an alternate version of “Goode’s Field Road,” and the excellent “Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken).”

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