Pugwash:: Giddy

61bFFcD+nKL._SS500_I’m not going to mince words. I hate the word “pop.” Whenever I say or type the word there is a silent cringe embedded in there somewhere. The aversion is getting to the point of matching the feeling I get when I see someone on a unicycle. With the one wheel deal something in my DNA registers pedophile, pervert of the worse kind, or just all around ugly thorn in the side of civilization. Its all baseless and irrational, since I don’t know any unicyclists and generally only see them at the circus and the tourist areas of my hometown oceanfront. What does this have to do with anything? I don’t know. I was under the impression that in the new millennium “truth” is something we try to find a way around, not something we waste our time searching out.

As for Pugwash’s Giddy, its the kind of pop that has that “color” thing going like only a natural could come up with. Well adorned too. It was good enough to get me away for a while on a late afternoon. Kind of like a school of “pop” done in a few branches; thirteen to be exact.  On Andy Partridge’s Ape House label, Giddy is a “best of” from Ireland’s Pugwash.  Guests on the records have included Andy Partridge & Dave Gregory of XTC (Andy co-writing several tracks), Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, Michael Penn, Jason Faulkner, The Section Quartet and Nelson Bragg of The Brian Wilson Band. Good company.


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