Fever Ray:: Stranger Than Kindness

On November 24th, Fever Ray Deluxe will be released containing the CD album plus two new studio recordings, cover versions of Vashti Bunyan’s “Here Before” and Nick Cave and Anita Lane’s “Stranger Than Kindness.”

“Fever Ray Deluxe” Tracklist
Disc 1: (Audio CD)
1. If I Had A Heart
2. When I Grow Up
3. Dry And Dusty
4. Seven
5. Triangle Walks
6. Concrete Walls
7. Now’s The Only Time I Know
8. I’m Not Done
9. Keep The Streets Empty For Me
10. Coconut
11. Stranger Than Kindness (Bonus Track)
12. Here Before (Bonus Track)

Disc 2: (Audio CD) Live in Lulea (Deluxe Exclusive)
1. If I had a Heart             
2. Triangle Walks                
3. Concrete Walls                
4. Seven                    
5. I’m not done                
6. Now’s The Only Time I Know    
7. Keep The Streets Empty For Me    
8. Dry and Dusty                
9. Stranger Than Kindness        
10. When I Grow Up            
11. Here Before                
12. Coconut        

Disc 3: (DVD) (Deluxe Exclusive)
If I Had a Heart video
When I Grow Up video
Triangle Walks video
Seven video
Stranger Than Kindness video
6. Fever Ray Tour Trailer video


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