Dear Major Labels:: You’re F*cked

This was on and I couldn’t resist re-posting a video bitching about major labels disabling embedded videos, among other things. I as well have been puzzled about such backwards practices in the past and how it makes no sense.  I really love how majors make their bands get ridiculous $500 haircuts so they can appear on MTV shows. All that said, the “indie” VS. “major” argument is getting old and cooked.  There are a bunch of “independents” with consistently good taste, but that isn’t the whole story.  In as much as anything this decade we’ve ended up with more “regurgitated” trash to sift through as result of the current ease of startup independents and cheap recording.  And on another note – how many times have you seen a new label and thought “damn, they must have some major cash.”  There is a good chance you were right. These days “truth” is the most elusive thing out there.  I haven’t got a clue.

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