The Happy Hollows:: Spells

happy hollows Led by the high searing vocals of Sarah Negahdari (who also doubles as nimble guitarist), L.A. trio The Happy Hollows released their debut album, Spells, last month.  Spells shows a punk spirit which intermingles musical modernity with the eighties and nineties while showing an equal gift for edgy melody.  Somewhere amidst the song “Tambourine,” there is talk of falling in love with a young Republican who looked like Billy Corgan.  At other stops such as “Monster Room,” The Happy Hollows remind of The Primitives with added erratic refrain.  An often plotting bass is ever present in aiding whichever movement, whether it be affixed with 90’s loud / soft dynamics, staccato guitar lines, or the colourful morse code signaling seen on “High Wire.” Overall, an entertaining listen whose only fault might be that with fourteen tracks its a little long.  Better than most this year.

Monster Room

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