Hyperstory release self-titled

hyperstory-cover_FINHyperstory, a.k.a. Los Angeles based musician C. Scott Blevin, has a new self-titled album this week. The record intertwines the songcraft guard and computerized music world with the result a stirring of song, soundtrack, and samplings. “A Happening” begins as if its heading towards golden A.M. territory, though its destination is entirely different. Movement then ensues with “Something Good” following with a splintered-sunlight melody laid over motorik groove. Elsewhere there are brass and field recordings of street preachers, tube stations, and other ambient sounds. Instrumental track “Ascension” veers into 70’s TV theme and Blacksploitation territory with jazz funk tinges perhaps reminiscent of Herbie Hancock. To fill out this nice work Blevin recruited Julian Cassia (vocals),as well as musicians Joey Waronker (Beck), Deron Johnson (Seal, Miles Davis), Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction), and others.

A Happening


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