Molina and Johnson

securedownloadGood work from Molina and Johnson on their recently released album. Considering their separate output both of these guys are a real value to the American songwriter quilt. Each carry a distinct slightly off-kilter voice with a subsequent induced mood that puts a shade of particular pale on their material. There is often an isolated or lonely ambiance in the wake of Molina’s voice which reminds me of a less frayed Will Oldham. Johnson brings a spirit of pine tar and old ashtray, and when his song is good he emits a feeling as rich in somber earth as anything out there.   Over light keys, acoustic, and occasional drum – “Almost Let You In” starts off with Will Johnson’s issuing statement – granted that I ever stopped playing to win – trading lines with Jason Molina over light keys and a singular beat. Down the way on “The Lily and The Brakeman,” they stir the pot with talk of rhododendrons and leaving the lily behind.  This may be your destination if you need something for your psychic dry throat or if you just feel drained, confused, or abandoned by it all.  It won’t fix anything but will sure remind you that you’re not the only one feeling that way.  Oh yeah, buy the Will Johnson captained Fort Recovery from his band Centro-Matic.

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Almost Let You In
Twenty Cycles To The Ground

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