Mark Matos & Os Beaches release Words of the Knife

MM coverThe well composed Words of the Knife from San Francisco’s Mark Matos & Os Beaches is out today. The record leans heavily on songcraft secured by the partly withdrawn delivery of Matos. “Imaginary, Winnipeg,” has a piano and steel laced country rock vibe that can be seen in part at other stops on Words of the Knife. I’m not sure if “Pelavavras De Faca” makes me feel like I’m floating or watching things float by, though the ukulele is the only thing missing from this island. Elsewhere, “High Priest of the Mission” shows some Lou Reed phrasing aided by pumping organ, while “Tres-os-montes” is a slice of breathing earth instrumental. Good work. Oh, and I used to have a couple songs here to sample, but the host took them down without telling me. Not surprising these days.

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