Lee & Willbee:: North Carolina

leeandwillbee_cdLee & Willbee make a rather enchanting piece with their melding of electronic and the traditional on new album, North Carolina. Synths and acoustic guitar convene in surroundings of drums and beats creating an airy field of movement that doesn’t lack for organic melody. “Loves Not Worth It” comes with a wonderfully coloured mechanized backdrop of shuttering rhythms and refrain of Don’t tell me love is not worth it… North Carolina closes with “Typhoid Mary,” setting the machines away for the night as the porch becomes stage for the the question of what cures a broken heart – time, fornication, or marijiuna? As for that last question, “fornication” is least likely to be the panacea unless you’ve traded up in partner.

Day Of Sunshine
Loves Not Worth It


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