The Slants:: Slants! Slants! Revolution for cancer prevention

theslants_pressshot4Portland, Oregon-based Chinatown dance rockers The Slants are celebrating the release of their remix album, Slants! Slants! Revolution, a dance-dance remix album of tracks from The Slants’ debut, Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts. The Slants will also be donating 100% of the profits from “Dance! Dance! Revolution” to cancer prevention research for Asian women.

Sakura Sakura
Capture Me Burning
Kokoro (I Fall To Pieces

The track listing is:
1. Kokoro (Son of Rust Heart of Everything Mix) 6:41
2. Vice Versus Virtue (Bad Love Mix) 4:05
3. Love Within My Sins (Dreamland Mix) 5:13
4. Capture Me Burning (Everything Is Falling Apart) 3:17
5. Sakura Sakura (Warehaus Mix) 4:29
6. We Will Never Die (Hong Kong Mix) 4:34
7. Stranglehold (Tokyo Mix) 4:05
8. Welcome To Doomtown (Downtown Mix) 5:33

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