Bettie Serveert:: Deny All

Bettie Serveert’s new album, Pharmacy of Love, will be released on March 23rd by Second Motion Records in the U.S. and by Sound of Pop in Canada. The Dutch band’s digital EP, Deny All, which will be available beginning January 26th on the iTunes Music Store. In addition to lead single “Deny All,” the EP will include a long version of “Calling (XL)” and a small version of “Souls Travel (small)” plus “Waiting for Control,” a bonus track not on appear on Pharmacy of Love.

Pharmacy of Love tracklisting:
1. Deny All
2. Semaphore
3. Love Lee
4. Mossie
5. The Pharmacy
6. Souls Travel
7. Calling
8. Change4Me
9. What They Call Love

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