Josiah Wolf of WHY? makes solo debut

WHY?’s Josiah Wolf will release his debut album Jet Lagvia Anticon on March 2nd. Josiah played all the instruments on the album, which came together following the dissolution of an 11-year relationship, and over the course of a move from California back to the Midwest, where Wolf grew up. Check out “The Trailer and the Truck” featured on Pitchfork.

Jet Lag tracklisting:
1. The Trailer And The Truck
2. Master Cleanse (California)
3. The Opposite Of Breathing
4. The New Car
5. Skull In The Ice
6. The Apart Meant
7. That Kind Of Man
8. Ohioho
9. Is The Body Hung
10. In The Seam
11. Gravity Defied
12. The One Sign

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