When the Grateful Dead dosed Hugh Hefner

It may seem an unlikely coupling, and it was. 41 years ago today, The Grateful Dead appeared on the TV show
Playboy After Dark along with Sid Casear, astrologer Sidney Omarr, and Hugh Hefner.

In the words of Dennis McNally, taken from his excellent Grateful Dead history, A Long Strange Trip:

…What no one at the show knew was that it was widely considered to be a poor idea to eat or drink anything around the Grateful Dead. There was a coffee urn, with cups lined up, and Hagen and Riester went by with eyedroppers, also making sure to acknowledge Hefner’s personal mug of Pepsi. The routine delays of any show combined on this one with the built-in time lag incurred by having Bear as soundman. Then the coffee kicked in. Gradually, it became obvious that there was a new glow in the air. Things began to get odder and odder. Technicians began to stare up into the lights. The male extras began to loosen their ties, and the women started to loosen their tops, their makeup melting along with their inhibitions. The Dead played “Mountains of the Moon” splendidly, and as Phil and Kreutzmann left, Heftner stopped them and said, eyes bright, “I want to thank you for your special gift.”

Listen to what they played here


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