Vampire Weekend hit tops with Contra

On first listen of Contra, I thought it was boring and sounded somewhat like a path that Paul Simon had already taken. Somewhere amidst my second listen the sound and movement started to earn more of my appreciation. When I listen to music I don’t tend to venture into the lyrics immediately unless the music and melody have failed their occupation. Not that lyrics aren’t important, but if your primary fascination is words then you might be better suited with books or something along that line.  For me, the way music makes me feel is the most pressing factor, and if done right that feeling carries more inertia than a million obscure masturbatory words. On Contra, Ezra Koenig transitions voice as instrument with easy success, while importing at least a few foreign words.  The music travels the same Afrivibe / World trajectory as before, though the seamlessness and obvious craftsmanship of Contra make it a step up from Vampire Weekend’s past.  If VW appeals to you at all, then Contra will go down with ease.  On an album that stands out more as a whole, rather than piecemeal, neither of the songs below are my favorites.  Finally, the usual implied apologetic / disparaging remarks concerning Vampire Weekend’s upscale pedigree and other stupid talk of colonizing music can be found elsewhere.

Cousins video

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