Athens legends The Method Actors:: This Is Still It

The Method Actors consisted of Vic Varney (guitar and vocals) and David Gamble (drums and vocals), and were an early band from the Athens punk/new wave scene that produced The B-52s, R.E.M., Pylon and many others. Acute Records has announced the upcoming release of This Is Still It by The Method Actors out March 9th.

Check outDo The Method,” the A-side to the band’s first single. When it was released in the UK in 1980 as the “This is It” single, it was chosen as NME’s single of the week.

Also, take in “Bleeding,” taken from the Method Actor’s first LP, Little Figures. Recorded and released a year after Do the Method.

1. Do The Method
2. Can’t Act
3. Distortion
4. Privilege
5. Dancing Underneath
6. No Condition
7. She
8. You
9. E-Y-E
10. My Time
11. Rang-A-Tang
12. Bleeding
13. Notice
14. Ask Dana
15. 20×1
16. Commotion
17. Pigeons
18. Halloween
19. Hi-Hi-Whoopee

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