“Any songwriter that stands up and plays the guitar and really thinks he’s changing the world and singing to millions needs a tomato in the face” – Tom Petty

Yes, Mr. Tom Petty, I’ve loved you since I can remember hearing music. The above statement is also touching considering the amount of shows I saw last decade that were littered with vacuous political rants from bands. There are at least a  few of us out there who avoid politics on TV and sure don’t want to hear it live.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions – though consistency, examination, and discovery are things many seem to care little about. That’s what the elites on both sides of the aisle count on. Music is best served as an escape from the perpetual manipulation of politics and other monotonous tin can drum circles of life.

We live in a world where record reviews are often so long and incendiary that its difficult to tell whether the reviewer is talking about himself or the artist.  This in itself has led some to ask whether or not music journalism was better before blogs and the internet.  While the current trends stink of something contrived I’ve termed “nerd’s revenge,” I’m reluctant to believe music coverage was better during an era when journalists were all but ignoring many of the best bands of the time.  Nowadays we get a mixture of the current major league schlock crossed with the hipster’s ecstasy of the moment.   I don’t have any answers, but I always thought all those boy bands and their offshoots sucked.

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