Los Campesinos! on Romance Is Boring

Los Campesinos!‘ latest album Romance Is Boring has stayed on my player as long as any 2010 release.  “In Medias Res” gets it going with a twist of “I’m leaving my body for science, not medical, physics.” Onwards, “There Are Listed Buildings” explodes into full Los Campesinos!’ organized melodic chaos, and that’s alot of “O’s,” I know. Romance Is Boring shows that among other things, this band excel at lyrics and picking it up on the change. They summon momentum at ease to pronounce a new movement; and they do it with demonstrative vocals, gang harmonies, and an equally inspired musical backdrop. There’s more to learn here, not the least of which comes on “Straight In At 101,” concerning the need of more post-coital and less post-rock.   Beyond being a vibrant listen Romance Is Boring should appeal to others who have the sense that we’re all either broken, bored, or naively vain.

Romance Is Boring

There Are Listed Buildings


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