White Hinterland:: “Amsterdam” (video)

I had a summer contenting my restlessness a handful of blocks down from the Anne Frank House where I resided in the Jordaan district. She and I had quite different experiences in the city as my days were shaded with colors and colors of flowers, giant chess games, rides in German made WWII boats, morning coffee and cookies, and a couple of funtime Danes who must of had the biggest cars in the city. Mull it all over while you take in the Michaela Copikova video for “Amsterdam” from White Hinterland’s latest album, Kairos. Buy the album so you also get to hear my favorite track, “Begin Again.”

NYC electronic artist Alan Wilkis’ rework of Kairos track “No Logic” is worth checking out too.

“No Logic” mp3
“Icarus” mp3


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