Avi Buffalo’s full length debut

Many months ago when I first heard Avi Buffalo’s “What’s In It For?”, the tune ingrained itself in my head with a packed delivery of mood, lines, and melody. Easily one of the catchiest new tracks I’d heard in a while, the song stuck in such a way that I had to wonder if the Buffalos had already shown their best cards. Last week the band released their debut LP via Sub Pop, a well thought out work that has failed to bore me on any of the multiple runs its been given.  The tone feels warm weather prone with topics revolving through relationships, attraction, love, coming of age, and the spreading of wings.  By the end, “What’s In It For?” still stands at the top though hardly a solitary favorite amidst an album of hummable songs.  In addition, some really nice  intros / blank verse appear on tracks such as “Five Little Sluts,” along with talk of cheap thrills, shady deals, money, and girls.  What more could you want?

What’s In It For? mp3
Remember Last Time mp3
What’s In It For? video


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