ABC’s LOST:: My Own Affair and How It Ended

Its been a couple of weeks since it ended and I thought the show warranted a goodbye of sorts. I never watched LOST until I randomly caught the first episode of the 5th season on my phone in an airport. Starting at such a place proved confusing enough that soon after I began catching up with the prior seasons and subsequently became an enthusiast for the show. Being fully enamored I often told folks that the beauty of LOST was that it could appeal to wide and varied audiences. Whether it be adventure, mystery, history, high pseudo-science, or character development, it seemed to all be within the potential of this rare show. For me it all really gets going in Season 2 with the hatch opened and the introduction of my favorite character, Ben Linus.

Leading up to the series finale season 6 had already made clear in its avoidance that a large portion of what had made the show enticing was not going to be addressed. Of course, if you hadn’t gotten this point it was laid out literally in Across The Sea when mother annoyingly said that “every answer will just lead to more questions.” I seriously resented this statement from the moment it first met my ears.

With all this in mind I went into the finale with an optimistic view that I was going to enjoy this episode if for no other reason than the fact that I had invested so much time in podcasts, message boards, and re-watches. It was what it was, a very TV-ish sum it all up rather easily and make us feel good ending. In all honesty, I wasn’t completely immune to the writer’s emotional weaponry as I even had to hold back a couple of tears during the scene of Juliet and Sawyer around the vending machines. While everything that makes you cry isn’t necessarily worth your time this was by far the most powerful example of the timelines becoming one (the Sayid/Shannon recoupling was the most difficult to buy).

I feel that Lost baited us with philosophy, science, mysticism, antiquity, and literature only to give us an ending that made it all irrelevant or arbitrary. Uh, … I guess I am childlike because I was looking for answers and this was a TV show, not God I was talking to, or some mystery religion.

I know it doesn’t matter but there are just a few random thoughts and questions I have concerning:

All this talk of rules.  What are/were the rules?

Glad to see Ben get redeemed this season. There was talk that Ben was blatantly evil but I never bought that. He was misguided in his whole-hearted devotion to the island and to Jacob (or was it MIB).  Wasn’t Ben just trying to protect the Island?

Egyptian element of island

Dharma, the purge, the drops, the million other questions

Pregnancy issues?

Widmore was so important and he dies that way? Why did he leave the island in the first place? He and Ben had much more backstory to be told.  How come Ben could kill Widmore now and not when he visited him in London?  How did Widmore fit all that stuff in the submarine?

What did they die for? Still I ponder this one.

Glad to see Zoe die. Was there a point to her?

Juliet’s brand similar to Eloise’s broach

What circumstances led to Eloise’s departure from the island?

When young dharma Ben saw his mother on the other side of the sonic fence in The Man Behind the Curtain was she MIB too? How come Richard had long hair in that episode (only time we see him like that)?

Who built the statue?

Lost spent a lot of time on Walt, which begs the question why?

The numbers, the swan computer, the Valenzeti equation, the hatch numbers….. I know they were the candidates but still is that all they gave us?

Others vs. Dharma story

So is there really joy to be found in LOST leaving it so we can continue to aimlessly ponder all the loose ends like so many have protested to naysayers like myself? Is it a sign of a good work when it lures an audience with red herrings, intriguing as they may be? Perhaps so but that’s why I don’t watch much TV, save sports. I don’t despise the entire series now that it is done but do find it confusing how offended many fans and some podcasters get when someone doesn’t give the auto-thumbs up for the finale (sounds a lot like politics where people say the most hateful things about others who don’t agree with them). One is entitled to like what one likes but with so much that made the show what it was unanswered, how can it even be a surprise that many were left unsatisfied and confused. Did LOST need to answer every possible question? Well no, I guess considering the way they explained the whispers maybe we are better off to just wonder for ourselves.

So would I recommend the show to those that missed out the first time around? The answer is I don’t know. There are several episodes that still stick out to me as great TV on their own.  Having said all that, I spent so much time on the show I wouldn’t put it past me to purchase the full 6 season lot when it comes out which is really what the writers and ABC care about the most. Finally, there was always talk of purgatory with regards to the show and now that its all said and done I feel like I’m in a LOST purgatory of my own – still wondering, still seeking.  In the end I’m just trying to remember and to let go.

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