GiTAr:: Stuffed

Out of Evansivlle, Indiana comes Ellipse Elkshow and I Cut People, aka GiTAr, with a new album titled Stuffed out on Negativland’s Seeland Records. Easily one of the most discombobulating works you’ll hear in a while, the listener is presented with two choices: either cease all other activity or turn the album off immediately. These sonic cut and pasters are fully committed to a complete vomit culture rehash.

Hell, anyone who pays attention at all knows that the politicians, Hollywood, a suck-up media, and the sheep who follow are what makes it all so messed up. Seen the reports on the oil spill lately? We’ve heard nothing but environment, environment, environment for years and when there’s a real verifiable environmental disaster we get the most inept, incomprehensible response possible. Isn’t it of concern that no media are allowed to fly over the area of the spill? Most transparent administration in history my ass. This album won’t help anything but it will get you away from the toxicity of who knows what is going on for a while.


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