Pearly Gate Music make debut

Another one of my favorites of late is Pearly Gate Music, the work of Seattle based Zach Tillman, brother to  Josh Tillman of Fleet Foxes.  The album sees Tillman’s folk and earth melodies drawn with new visions of Jesus and takes on the day.  It opens with the near a cappella “Golden Funeral,” giving the feeling of waking up from a foggy head forced to experience before the mind gives the ok.  The vocals do much to anchor it all, placed front and center and even coming with the occasional reminder of a less stricken Mark Kozelek on tunes like the sunnier mid-sixties sounds of “Big Escape.”  There’s some whistles and psychedelic guitar swirls in there too, but appreciation is better found first hand.

“Big Escape” mp3
Daytrotter Session

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