Chocolate Genius:: “Polanski” from Swan Songs

Excited to hear that Marc Anthony Thompson will be returning with a new addition to the Chocolate Genius saga – Swan Songs, on August 31st. Swansongs is the final chapter and extension of 1998’s Black Music, 2001’s Godmusic and 2004’s Black Yankee Rock. As Thompson puts it, “Gracefully embracing decay is the constant theme. Letting go. The curse of religion. The passion is the poison. That old dilemma—worship and penance; sparkle and fade; bass and trouble.”

“Reluctantly, the book of songs is done,” says Thompson, who also dabbles in sound design and theatre/film scores (American Splendor, Twin Falls Idaho, the Obie-winning A Huey P. Newton Story). “I say reluctantly because I’ll soon have to stare at a blank page again, and greet whatever is next. That’s always the tricky part—by the time music is released, the process usually inspires an entirely new workflow, or has you headed to the road, sofa, beach, airport or bar. At least that’s been my syndrome. Though I write constantly, I release things sporadically at best, and sometimes as quietly as a cough. As Richard Ford says, ‘When a tree falls in the forest, who cares but the monkeys?”

“Polanski” mp3

1. She Smiles
2. Enough For You
3. Like A Nurse
4. Kiss Me
5. Lump
6. Polanski
7. How I Write My Songs
8. Mr. Wonderful
9. Sit and Spin
10. When I Lay You Down
11. Ready Now

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