Foals:: Total Life Forever

A couple years back Oxford, UK quintet Foals brought us Antidotes, a worthy piece of music that had its time.  Even more compelling is Total Life Forever, an album that injects an immediate sense of travel and exploration along with an aural spectacle of dance, chaos, darkness, reflection and immeasurable distance. The title track is twitchy nouveau disco done up in intrigue, while single “Spanish Sahara” is subdued and yearning – part Sade and half expecting Mick Hucknall to show up before the glowing lead at the end. “This Orient” is  upstart multi layered propulsion done in full colored fourth dimensional feeling.  Elsewhere, “Afterglow’s” melody reminds me of “Sanity” and the future now world Killing Joke illustrated on Brighter Than a Thousand Suns. Here stands a work that brings thoughts of a past when musicians and artists didn’t so mindlessly suck up the vacuous recitations of politicians, kings, and queens. Very nice.

“Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix)” mp3
“Balloons” mp3


This Orient

Spanish Sahara

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