Lissie:: Catching A Tiger

Lissie’s full-length follow up to her well regarded Why You Runnin’ EP, is out today on Fat Possum. With three of the EP’s songs on the album there is good comparison to show at some point Lissie in part abandoned the rustic country and wild of the open sky for other notions. There’s a Stevie Nicks edge that first appears on second track “When I’m Alone,” and follows seamlessly into “In Sleep.” Elsewhere, “Stranger” stands out with its spiffied up and twitching to get mental at the malt shop atmosphere. And while I like Stevie as well as many of the new tracks, reappearing EP songs like “Little Lovin'” still stand at the top.

Why You Runnin’ made us marvel at how Lissie came off wise beyond her years, whereas certain spots betray her on Catching A Tiger.  “Cuckoo” and “Loosen the Knot” are appealing in an empowering MTV coming of age sort of way with quick frills that are cheap amidst Lissie’s top shelf stuff.

Having said all that, Catching A Tiger has more songwise than most current releases and in good fashion closes with the hymn “Oh Mississippi” taking us back to the old church where she is perhaps enjoyed most.

When I’m Alone

Little Lovin’ (Luxury Wafers Sessions)

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